29A. Bulldog Rodeo

Imagine this. It’s a cool Saturday morning along the Trinity River and a bunch of kids are pretending to be cowboys; the bikes under their butts are horses; the family bulldog is the steer they are trying to rope.

29B. Biking and Ducking

Murray G. Miller knows about preserving a city’s heritage. As a historic preservation officer for the cities of Fort Worth and Dallas, he understands the importance of the Trinity River.

30A. Art by Design

If Gabriel Prusmack could whisper into the ear of someone standing in front of one of his pieces of his work he would simply say: “Be free.” It’s not surprising that his hashtag is #befree.

30B. Wildflower Country

In Stephanie “SM” Sanz’s artwork the women are independent and fearless. They look you straight in the eye as they carry the burdens of the world, or as they protect their turf by brandishing a six shooter.

31. Armadillo

Mia Collins’ middle name Soleil, which means sun, says it all. The celestial body, and the stars that surround it, play a big role in her Trinity Trail mural, “Armadillo.” They light the way for the nocturnal animal as it scurries across a barren landscape.