11. The Panther

The Panther

The minute Fernando Rojas stumbled upon the sleeping panther statue near the Flatiron building in downtown Fort Worth, he was inspired.

13. The Birds

How would you describe the stunning collection of 55 bird heads in Nolan Mueller’s Trinity Trail mural, “The Birds”?

14. Selah

Multi-colored clouds soar overhead, sending a warning that something momentous or calamitous is about to happen. Standing vigil below are white-tailed deer with piercing stares, a Red-shouldered hawk perched on the buck’s haunches, making for an unlikely alliance.

15. Keep Floating On

Keep Floating On

Jason Eatherly believes in going with the flow. Whether he’s doing a mural on a building, painting a landscape on canvas or decorating a motorcycle gas tank, he lets his art take him where he needs to go.

16. The Cardinal

The Cardinal

In folklore, the cardinal symbolizes devotion, loving relationships, unity. The bird’s bright red color and sharp song are an aching reminder that you’re not alone in the world, that someone you love is always looking out for you.

17. Happy Trails

You can immediately tell it’s Lee and Sheri Hay’s work. First, there are the bold colors. Red. Yellow. Green. Blue.

21. River Owls

Anat Ronen isn’t sure where her art comes from, but sometimes it pops into her head at 4 a.m. while in bed, with her cats all around her, or while she’s stuck in Houston traffic in the middle of nothing and everything, going somewhere but getting nowhere.

24. Recess

Floating islands. Flying turtles. A monster-size heron being ridden by a little girl. Fanciful, free-standing waterfalls. All of these are a part of the fantasy world created by artist Robert Burns for his Trinity Trails gallery piece, “Recess.”

25. Trinity Trout

Trinity Trout

Mike Tabor’s worlds peacefully coexist in the studio behind his house near Granbury. First, there’s the art. A cowboy riding a bucking bronc.

28. Wild Trinity

Wild Trinity

Drink in the deep, rich, sensual colors in Anthony Padilla’s “Wild Trinity” painting. The dark, twisting tree trunk. The vibrant green foliage. Stark white hibiscus and bold yellow and pink lilies hang nearby. Perched on a limb, its neck twisted just so, is a Snowy egret.